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The Pink Pearl Foundation dedicates resources to provide unique information and solutions that give women access to quality healthcare.



Our unique approach focuses on creating awareness for women’s health and overall well being by creating platforms for access to adequate information.


Use technology to increase awareness and primary healthcare services for women in rural communities.


Incorporate governmental policies and organisational campaigns focused on reducing women's mortality rate due to a lack of access to proper health care.

Words to Ponder
" It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. "
Charles Darwin English naturalist, geologist & biologist
Education Matters
9.6 M+ Breast Cancer deaths around the world.

102,000 Estimated
New Cases anually in nigeria.
75% of cancer deaths
in Africa can be avoided.

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Ask a Doctor 4.0

2021-02-27 - 16:00:00
Zoom meeting , Lagos, Nigeria

Ask a Doctor 3.0

2020-10-31 - 16:00:00
Zoom meeting , Nigeria

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News And Updates

Ask a Doctor 4.0

We recently hosted our first online webinar #ppfaskadoctor last weekend (27th February 2021). Provisions were made for offline attendants at viewing centres in ...

#WE4HER Updates.

Since the inception of the #WE4HER campaign, the Pink Pearl Foundation in collaboration with MeCure Health has screened 6 women for breast cancer for free. ...

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